Small PDF compresses and/or converts your files

I had a pdf that I just couldn’t compress as it was a form.  No matter what I tried it ended up the same size or 8x larger!

Frustrated by the software I have on my computer I turned to the internet and found this web site Small PDF.

Another web site I tried would only do the first two pages and wanted me to create and account.   Nah not me, too much trouble, besides really is that necessary?

So after running down the list I found Small PDF.  I found in their menu section I could convert/compress my pdf which was exactly what I needed.

My 12MB PDF converted down to 1.5Mb!  Fantastic now I can upload the file to a dumb site that can’t handle files over 5MB

The conversion was fast.  All the site requested but not require was to post the results on my Twitter account.  Hey it saved me a lot of hassle so why not.

Smallpdf link to the page.

This is what it posted on my twitter account.

Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free #smallpdf via @smallpdf

I have Nuance PDF converter on my computer, so a little disappointed it couldn’t do this – what seems like a simple task.

Avast Password problem – Uninstall or modify settings are prevented – fix

So you have Avast the Anti Virus program installed and you decided you would like to uninstall it but found it prompted you for a password.

You type in the various passwords you think it should be but nup, none of them work.

You become frustrated that you just can’t get around this problem.

That’s what happened to me and I have some experience in the computer world.

I found a web site that answer the question and introduced me to a program that go beyond the BS products that are sold out there and its for free.

Have a look at this great article here

The program the site suggests is called PCHunter and can be found here

or even here

This seems to be its home site

It is a Chinese web site  and does not seem to convert using google converter.  I might have done something wrong however.

The long and the short of it is this

you need pchunter so you can rename the stupid file called


which you will find in the windows directory C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast

I renamed it to .old i.e. aswResp.dat.old

Avast will create a new file but the password problem will have gone.

Would love to show pretty pictures but I can’t get screen grabs from Avast as it locks the screen when it is in the password protect mode.  It really takes over the computer.

TrackID=006 Malware possibly Chrome

I found my Google Chrome browser was adding in popup’s and other strange stuff.

I found that my default search engine had changed slightly with this added line to it


I don’t even live in this country so something had infected my computer enough to change my default search to that.

To check if this is your problem go to Google Chromes settings then open the “settings” menu, a new page will open with the Goggle Chrome settings.  Look down the page for “Manage Search Engines”

Click on that and remove the offending code.  When you place your mouse over the text you will see an “X” which will delete it.

If you don’t see the text you will first need to make the other google seach engine the default. To do this hover the mouse over the text and it will show up a faint light blue box with text in it saying “Make Default”

Once you make the good string text the default then just delete the other string text with the trackid= in it.

some picture to help

Chrome menu button Mon-16-02-2015 11-36-06

Chrome menu dropdown Mon-16-02-2015 11-37-07

Google search 1 Mon-16-02-2015 11-26-40


Google search with trackid in search header Mon-16-02-2015 11-28-20

Avast Anti Virus

Anti Virus software to protect your computer for free

I have used many Anti Virus programs over the years and while the good named ones have their pluses I prefer to use Avast.

Avast be free logo
Avast be free logo

There is a free version which is what I use.  Like all software out there you can purchase other features or improvements but Avast free version has saved me a couple of time from web hacks that I didn’t know where on my computer.

Please follow this link to get to the software.


Click on the green text – Avast Free software page