Small PDF compresses and/or converts your files

I had a pdf that I just couldn’t compress as it was a form.  No matter what I tried it ended up the same size or 8x larger!

Frustrated by the software I have on my computer I turned to the internet and found this web site Small PDF.

Another web site I tried would only do the first two pages and wanted me to create and account.   Nah not me, too much trouble, besides really is that necessary?

So after running down the list I found Small PDF.  I found in their menu section I could convert/compress my pdf which was exactly what I needed.

My 12MB PDF converted down to 1.5Mb!  Fantastic now I can upload the file to a dumb site that can’t handle files over 5MB

The conversion was fast.  All the site requested but not require was to post the results on my Twitter account.  Hey it saved me a lot of hassle so why not.

Smallpdf link to the page.

This is what it posted on my twitter account.

Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free #smallpdf via @smallpdf

I have Nuance PDF converter on my computer, so a little disappointed it couldn’t do this – what seems like a simple task.

Scam Gamifive Buongiorno SMS $15per month subscription

Disable your 3rd Party Content permission on your mobile phone service.

Contact your service provider if you don’t have access like I had to.


This morning I had a sms sent to me that was telling me I had subscribed to their gaming service.  This is absolute Bull shit.  The sms also tells me that I will be charged a monthly fee of $15 AU dollars a month and if I don’t want to continue with the service that I should reply STOP

I spoke to my carrier Optus and they advised me that if I had replied stop I would have been charged $15 WTF!  Hey ACMA time to shut this loop-hole down.

After reading many posts about this back door to your money via mobile carriers billing system I had to ring Optus to have them unsubscribe me and to cut my 3rd party content credit from $200 (their default a month setting) to $0 (Zero dollars) to prevent this ever happening again.

It is claimed that all you must have done is click on a single item.  It may not even have a description of what you are subscribing to.  You are automatically subscribing for ever at $15 pm in my case.

Here is a few links that will show the pain others have gone through to try to get their money back.

Optus Yes Crowd  then in the search window type gamifive which should result in people complaining about this.

An explanation by Optus here

This is something that should be stopped.  Anything to do with you spending money needs to be a two-step process.

  1. You sign up
  2. You actually make an effort to confirm sign up via another medium like email or sms or other but not just a click on the same page of a website

No wonder there are so many upset people out there.  They don’t know how to budget and most likely don’t reconcile their bills so have no idea why they never have any money.

Or it could be you just didn’t realise that this can happen so easily and it becomes very time-consuming to get it stopped and your money returned … if ever!!!

This is a ridiculous “feature” that has crept in to the mobile phone system in Australia.  Greed is no doubt behind this.


Viofo A119 Dash Cam video shaking while driving

A Dash Cam is a device that is used to film what is going on in front of your vehicle.

The Viofo A119 is a small dash cam that is stuck to the windscreen with double sided 3M tape.

This unit has a problem where it shakes the lens and this causes it to show in the video as if it was a poorly held video camera.

This video demonstrates exactly what I am saying.


Nissan Skyline RB30 vs Holden VL engine differences

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I had the unfortunate situation where a Nissan RB30 engine had failed and the replacement engine came out of a VL Commodore.

Some little things that caught us out when doing the change over.

  1. Rocker cover says Holden.. so we changed it back to the Nissan one
  2. Extra water piping on the VL exhaust side
  3. This is a BIG one.. different flywheel and consequently different torque converter.  We found this out the hard way. Yep bolted the engine up to the Nissan Auto Trans only to find that the engine wouldn’t turn.  loosened the Bell housing bolts and hey presto the engine would turn.  Figured it might be the torque converter needed bolting up.  That’s where it got really interesting… (read painful discovery re RB30 and VL transmissions are different.)
  4. To fix the problem flywheel not matching the bolts of the original Nissan torque converter we have had to break the engine away from the Trans and then with a bloody big extension bar crack all the flywheel bolts and then change the flywheel back to the Nissan one.  Then bolt up the torque converter.
  5. Another point to note is that the VL torque converter has a larger diameter centre hub than the Nissan.  How did we discover that.. when we tried a test to see if the VL torque converter would fit on the now removed Nissan rb30 engine with original flywheel.  It didn’t and why… because of the larger centre shaft.

So tomorrow, as it got late and we thought 11pm was late enough, we do have neighbours and we where both stuffed.

So what originally turned out to be a blown head gasket on the Nissan rb30 became an ongoing saga to the point a replacement engine was found.  We are hoping it actually does work!!!

A list of failures on the original engine.

  1. Blown head gasket… simple replace head gasket.
  2. Car was still being used with a blown head gasket which pressurised the radiator and blew the top tank.  Radiator need to be repaired… $150
  3. Before doing that have the head machined to remove any possible buckle. (machined back to true)
  4. Company testing the head found it was buckled by about 25Thou and the hardness of the metal was down 50%.  Bottom line, the head is stuffed.
  5. Source new head.  Found one for $550 (just the head no lifters or valves etc.
  6. Now all the Valves have to be reseated in the new head… The company put new valves in.. that seemed a blessing at the time, as time was at a premium.. i.e. no car to drive to work.
  7. New head fitted, all the other bits put back on and the car, drove over 100KLM, then started to rattle in the top end and then later the bottom end.
  8. After doing some checks discovered that the oil pump was no longer pumping oil.  Replacement oil pump had an asking price of $500  Engine had to come out to replace the oil pump and its a big and time consuming job.
  9. So.. it seemed a better option to just forget about that engine and get another.
  10. This was done and as you have previously read, introduced its own set of problems.

I’ll try to post some photos once I have had a couple of days sleep after this BS is finished.


WellBeing what it truly is

I found this information so important that I had to repeat it on my website.  Everything is from a web site you really should have a look at.

I always thought wellbeing was just a term/word that meant “yeah” I’m fine, but this article spells it out wonderfully and gives you steps to take to create a life that you will be happy to be in.

The things they suggest you have in your life I discovered, I have perhaps 2 out of the 16!


Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease

Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

Factors that influence wellbeing

Every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing. Researchers investigating happiness have found the following factors enhance a person’s wellbeing:

  • Happy intimate relationship with a partner x
  • Network of close friends x
  • Enjoyable and fulfilling career x
  • Enough money x
  • Regular exercise ?
  • Nutritional diet ?
  • Sufficient sleep –
  • Spiritual or religious beliefs x
  • Fun hobbies and leisure pursuits x
  • Healthy self-esteem x
  • Optimistic outlook x
  • Realistic and achievable goals x
  • Sense of purpose and meaning x
  • A sense of belonging x
  • The ability to adapt to change –
  • Living in a fair and democratic society. -?

Factors are interrelated

The factors that influence wellbeing are interrelated. For example, a job provides not just money but purpose, goals, friendships and a sense of belonging. Some factors also make up for the lack of others; for example, a good marriage can compensate for a lack of friendships, while religious beliefs may help a person come to terms with physical illness.

Wealth is not the key

Money is linked to wellbeing, because having enough money improves living conditions and increases social status. However, happiness may increase with income but only to a point.

Many people believe that wealth is a fast track to happiness. But it’s not true. Various international studies have shown that it is the quality of our personal relationships, not the size of our bank balance, which has the greatest effect on our state of wellbeing.

Believing that money is the key to happiness can also harm a person’s wellbeing. For example, a person who chooses to work a lot of overtime misses out on time with family, friends and leisure pursuits.

The added stress of long working hours may also reduce a person’s life satisfaction. Research shows that people who pursue ‘extrinsic’ goals like money and fame are more anxious, depressed and dissatisfied than people who value ‘intrinsic’ goals like close relationships with loved ones.

Wellbeing can be elusive

Wellbeing is important, but seems a little hard to come by. One American study into mental health found that, while one in four respondents was depressed, only one in five was happy – the rest fell somewhere between, neither happy nor depressed. A recent Australian consumer study into wellbeing showed that:

  • 58 per cent wish they could spend more time on improving their health and wellbeing.
  • 79 per cent of parents with children aged less than 18 years of age wish they could spend more time on improving their health and wellbeing.
  • 83 per cent are prepared to pay more money for products or services that enhance their feelings of wellbeing.

Measuring national wellbeing

Measuring wellbeing in a population is difficult because the interpretation of wellbeing is so subjective – how you feel about your life largely depends on the way you see it. Like the saying goes, one person’s problem is another person’s challenge.

Australian researchers try to measure wellbeing in order to keep tabs on living conditions. A typical approach to measuring wellbeing is to count the number of individuals affected by a particular factor. For example, it is helpful to keep track of how many people:

  • Have cancer
  • Are single, married or divorced
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Smoke or drink
  • Are on unemployment benefits
  • Are victims of crime
  • Are unable to read or write.

Keeping track of a population’s wellbeing helps governments to decide on particular policies. For example, knowing the average weekly income of a population helps to set the ‘poverty line’, which may then influence decisions on social welfare reform.

The result depends on what is measured

Survey results tend to differ depending on what was measured. For example, an Australian survey of young people found that eight in every 10 reported feeling satisfied with their lives, including how they felt about their work, studies, income and relationships.

However, this positive picture is contradicted by another survey, which found that about half of all young Australians are grappling with a difficult problem such as depression or alcohol abuse. Wellbeing is a nebulous concept that is hard to pin down with graphs, charts and statistics.

How to achieve wellbeing

  1. Develop and maintain strong relationships with family and friends.
  2. Make regular time available for social contact.
  3. Try to find work that you find enjoyable and rewarding, rather than just working for the best pay.
  4. Eat wholesome, nutritious foods.
  5. Do regular physical activity.
  6. Become involved in activities that interest you.
  7. Join local organisations or clubs that appeal to you.
  8. Set yourself achievable goals and work towards them.
  9. Try to be optimistic and enjoy each day.

Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Family and friends
  • Counsellor
  • Lifeline Tel. 13 11 14
  • Kids Help Line Tel. 1800 551 800

Things to remember

  • Every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing.
  • Some people believe that wealth is a fast track to happiness. Yet various international studies have shown that it is the quality of our personal relationships, not the size of our bank balances, which has the greatest effect on our state of wellbeing.
  • Keeping track of a population’s wellbeing helps governments to decide on particular policies.

You might also be interested in:

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Tribute to Gough Whitlam – From little things big things grow

Occasionally in life there come people with good intentions.

Gough Whitlam was one such man.  At his Funeral a song was played called From Little Things Big Things Grow as a tribute to a man who understood the best he could the blight of the Aboriginals of Australia.

The song is one of my all time favourites and for it to be sung at Gough Whitlam’s Funeral shows how much respect this man had from indigenous Australian’s.

I believe Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody wrote the song and in the youtube link below perform it with wonderful passion.

Tribute to Gough Whitlam – From little things big things grow

Less greed and more empathy would go a long way to helping us all live in harmony.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the tune, perhaps you will learn something about Australian history.


Avast Password problem – Uninstall or modify settings are prevented – fix

So you have Avast the Anti Virus program installed and you decided you would like to uninstall it but found it prompted you for a password.

You type in the various passwords you think it should be but nup, none of them work.

You become frustrated that you just can’t get around this problem.

That’s what happened to me and I have some experience in the computer world.

I found a web site that answer the question and introduced me to a program that go beyond the BS products that are sold out there and its for free.

Have a look at this great article here

The program the site suggests is called PCHunter and can be found here

or even here

This seems to be its home site

It is a Chinese web site  and does not seem to convert using google converter.  I might have done something wrong however.

The long and the short of it is this

you need pchunter so you can rename the stupid file called


which you will find in the windows directory C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast

I renamed it to .old i.e. aswResp.dat.old

Avast will create a new file but the password problem will have gone.

Would love to show pretty pictures but I can’t get screen grabs from Avast as it locks the screen when it is in the password protect mode.  It really takes over the computer.

TrackID=006 Malware possibly Chrome

I found my Google Chrome browser was adding in popup’s and other strange stuff.

I found that my default search engine had changed slightly with this added line to it


I don’t even live in this country so something had infected my computer enough to change my default search to that.

To check if this is your problem go to Google Chromes settings then open the “settings” menu, a new page will open with the Goggle Chrome settings.  Look down the page for “Manage Search Engines”

Click on that and remove the offending code.  When you place your mouse over the text you will see an “X” which will delete it.

If you don’t see the text you will first need to make the other google seach engine the default. To do this hover the mouse over the text and it will show up a faint light blue box with text in it saying “Make Default”

Once you make the good string text the default then just delete the other string text with the trackid= in it.

some picture to help

Chrome menu button Mon-16-02-2015 11-36-06

Chrome menu dropdown Mon-16-02-2015 11-37-07

Google search 1 Mon-16-02-2015 11-26-40


Google search with trackid in search header Mon-16-02-2015 11-28-20

Avast Anti Virus

Anti Virus software to protect your computer for free

I have used many Anti Virus programs over the years and while the good named ones have their pluses I prefer to use Avast.

Avast be free logo
Avast be free logo

There is a free version which is what I use.  Like all software out there you can purchase other features or improvements but Avast free version has saved me a couple of time from web hacks that I didn’t know where on my computer.

Please follow this link to get to the software.


Click on the green text – Avast Free software page