Small PDF compresses and/or converts your files

I had a pdf that I just couldn’t compress as it was a form.  No matter what I tried it ended up the same size or 8x larger!

Frustrated by the software I have on my computer I turned to the internet and found this web site Small PDF.

Another web site I tried would only do the first two pages and wanted me to create and account.   Nah not me, too much trouble, besides really is that necessary?

So after running down the list I found Small PDF.  I found in their menu section I could convert/compress my pdf which was exactly what I needed.

My 12MB PDF converted down to 1.5Mb!  Fantastic now I can upload the file to a dumb site that can’t handle files over 5MB

The conversion was fast.  All the site requested but not require was to post the results on my Twitter account.  Hey it saved me a lot of hassle so why not.

Smallpdf link to the page.

This is what it posted on my twitter account.

Compress PDF – Reduce your PDF Online for Free #smallpdf via @smallpdf

I have Nuance PDF converter on my computer, so a little disappointed it couldn’t do this – what seems like a simple task.