Scam Gamifive Buongiorno SMS $15per month subscription

Disable your 3rd Party Content permission on your mobile phone service.

Contact your service provider if you don’t have access like I had to.


This morning I had a sms sent to me that was telling me I had subscribed to their gaming service.  This is absolute Bull shit.  The sms also tells me that I will be charged a monthly fee of $15 AU dollars a month and if I don’t want to continue with the service that I should reply STOP

I spoke to my carrier Optus and they advised me that if I had replied stop I would have been charged $15 WTF!  Hey ACMA time to shut this loop-hole down.

After reading many posts about this back door to your money via mobile carriers billing system I had to ring Optus to have them unsubscribe me and to cut my 3rd party content credit from $200 (their default a month setting) to $0 (Zero dollars) to prevent this ever happening again.

It is claimed that all you must have done is click on a single item.  It may not even have a description of what you are subscribing to.  You are automatically subscribing for ever at $15 pm in my case.

Here is a few links that will show the pain others have gone through to try to get their money back.

Optus Yes Crowd  then in the search window type gamifive which should result in people complaining about this.

An explanation by Optus here

This is something that should be stopped.  Anything to do with you spending money needs to be a two-step process.

  1. You sign up
  2. You actually make an effort to confirm sign up via another medium like email or sms or other but not just a click on the same page of a website

No wonder there are so many upset people out there.  They don’t know how to budget and most likely don’t reconcile their bills so have no idea why they never have any money.

Or it could be you just didn’t realise that this can happen so easily and it becomes very time-consuming to get it stopped and your money returned … if ever!!!

This is a ridiculous “feature” that has crept in to the mobile phone system in Australia.  Greed is no doubt behind this.