TrackID=006 Malware possibly Chrome

I found my Google Chrome browser was adding in popup’s and other strange stuff.

I found that my default search engine had changed slightly with this added line to it


I don’t even live in this country so something had infected my computer enough to change my default search to that.

To check if this is your problem go to Google Chromes settings then open the “settings” menu, a new page will open with the Goggle Chrome settings.  Look down the page for “Manage Search Engines”

Click on that and remove the offending code.  When you place your mouse over the text you will see an “X” which will delete it.

If you don’t see the text you will first need to make the other google seach engine the default. To do this hover the mouse over the text and it will show up a faint light blue box with text in it saying “Make Default”

Once you make the good string text the default then just delete the other string text with the trackid= in it.

some picture to help

Chrome menu button Mon-16-02-2015 11-36-06

Chrome menu dropdown Mon-16-02-2015 11-37-07

Google search 1 Mon-16-02-2015 11-26-40


Google search with trackid in search header Mon-16-02-2015 11-28-20

Avast Anti Virus

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Avast be free logo
Avast be free logo

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