Train Driver Michael Wangman (Mick to me) RIP WANGAZ

As one does from time to time wonder how their old friends are going, you think everyone lives forever and just assume you will find them via the internet doing great in their life.  This wasn’t the case when I wonder how my old work mate Mick Wangman was going.

To my surprise I found Mick on a web site with the sad news that due to depression he had left this life in 1996 (6/12/1996).  This touches home for me as I have lived with depression for longer than I care to remember.

Mick was a fun bloke to be around and someone I thought would go from strength to strength.

We both did our Train driving exams around the same time and we worked on the “footplate” together.

I was at his Wedding Reception and left after thinking what a lucky guy he was.

I remember him having awards for all sorts of things, as he seemed to be able to do anything he put his hand to.

I just had to post about him on my site as I just felt he deserved it.  He made my days on the footplate more fun and he invited me in to his home which I always remembered and appreciated.  Mick and Leanne where the perfect hosts.

Due to my depression I stopped driving and stopped being involved in life for years so I didn’t keep in touch.

I found this article and link here about Mick.

Train Driver Mick Wangman
Train Driver Mick Wangman

Michael Wangman “Wangaz” (19/7/96 – 06/12/96)
Michael was a train driver married to Leanne wangman  and a devoted father of 4, he played football and cricket for the rosedale football club. Sadly in 1996 he lost his long battle to depression leaving his wife and children aged between 3months old and 11 years old.  This year he will have been gone 18years but his legacy will live on, on July 27th “team Wangaz” will be competing in a 10km fun run to raise awareness and money for beyond blue. Hey, if beyound blue was around back then maybe he would still be alive? Their work is remarkable. Support this great cause, make a difference in this world.

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Remembrance Head stone
Remembrance Head stone

Rest in Peace Mick.