Chlamydia breakthrough: Queensland scientists vaccinate koalas against deadly disease

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Note that Koala’s from different parts of Australia are not the same.  You can’t take a Koala that lives in Victoria and move it to Queensland they don’t have the right bodies to cope with the different weather patterns.  And of course vice versa it seems.

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Queensland researchers say they have made a breakthrough in the fight to protect the shrinking koala population against chlamydia.

Scientists at the University of the Sunshine Coast said they had successfully vaccinated koalas against the disease, which was responsible for about 50 per cent of the marsupial’s deaths.

Researchers said a vaccination could be the key to protecting the native species from the painful and deadly disease.

Koala numbers had dropped dramatically in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT over the past 20 years.

Microbiologist Professor Peter Timms from the University of the Sunshine Coast in the state’s south-east said chlamydia was one of the main reasons for that.

There’s plenty of opportunities to vaccinate thousands and thousands of the [koalas] that are most vulnerable at this point in time.

Professor Peter Timms

“In females, not only do they get reproductive tract disease which might lead to infertility, but also they get large cysts and they’re quite painful,” he said.

“You can see the animals that have these cysts and they can die from that.

“As well as that of course, the ones that are infected in the eyes that become blind, it makes it difficult for them to feed.

“In somewhere like south-east Queensland, unfortunately there are wild dogs present and so on.”

Professor Timms spent five years working on a vaccine to protect the animals from the disease.

The research team initially tested the treatment on captive koalas with good results.

The next step was to vaccinate 30 wild koalas in the Moreton Bay region, north of Brisbane.

Hope vaccine will improve female koala fertility

Professor Timms said the results were very promising.

“The first thing is, animals that are already infected – did it stop the infections going higher or getting more infection load? And the answer to that is yes,” he said.

“Second thing is some animals don’t yet have the infection but could be going to pick up a new infection so we tested whether or not the vaccine would prevent them from getting new infections.”

He said the vaccine could be a crucial step towards improving fertility in female animals to help the population survive.

“None of our vaccinated animals went from having an infection to getting actual disease – so blindness or reproductive tract cysts,” he said.

“Whereas in the control group, three of them when from having an infection but then going on to get a disease.”

Professor Timms said it would be unrealistic to vaccinate every koala, but it would make sense to treat the hundreds of animals that were processed through care centres and animal hospitals.

“That’s an ideal opportunity to vaccinate those koalas while they’re already there, before they’re released back into the wild,” he said.

“But as well as that, there’s more and more populations, and the ones we’ve been doing this trial on in the Moreton Bay region is a good example, where it’s humans causing them to be impacted by what we do.

“Those animals can then be captured and potentially the whole population is vaccinated.

“There’s plenty of opportunities to vaccinate thousands and thousands of the ones that are most vulnerable at this point in time.”

Environment issues impact koala survival

Professor Timms said more effort was needed to protect koala populations that he said were shrinking day by day.

“There are a couple of areas down south of Australia where koala numbers seem to be increasing, and so people think that that means everything’s all right,” he said.

“The answer is everything’s not all right.

“It might be in 10 per cent of the situation it might be okay, but in 90 per cent it’s not okay.”

He said there were environmental issues that took time to solve.

“You can’t turn around tomorrow and at the last minute decide to save them,” he said.

“You need to be planning ahead 10 years before their numbers become so low that they’re hard to recover again.”

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VicRoads no more registration labels but check out the disclaimer!!!

Victoria no longer uses registration labels from 2014

That’s great as we have one less bit of paper to worry about and less impact on the environment, not to mention the money saved by VicRoads not having to print 4.5 Million stickers and sending out  letters (ref

So how do you check if your loan car is registered?

Easy you just find an Internet (being sarcastic here) and go to the VicRoads web site, but.. once you find the right page ( you are confronted with this disclaimer!

Legal Disclaimer

Information in this vehicle registration enquiry check is provided without liability and without responsibility for its accuracy. VicRoads accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred by anyone relying on information in this check (including a statement that no information is recorded) or on the absence of information about any matter. The information is provided from VicRoads records and is based on information received from past and present registered operators, police, interstate road and traffic authorities.

I find this really stupid that VicRoads says you have to check via their web site but then place this disclaimer on it to say that it could be wrong and they are not responsible for what they tell you.

So when the cops pull you over and tell you the car is unregistered even though you checked via the VicRoads Web site you are basically going to cop roughly a $770 fine and you will have to either pay the rego there and then or start walking.

The whole process to check a rego is painful, you have to first agree to the disclaimer and then once you get to the page where you enter the rego number you are then greeted with that stupid reCaptcha image window..

VicRoads captcha use before you can see if a vehicle is registered or not... what a pain and is it really necessary?
VicRoads captcha use before you can see if a vehicle is registered or not… what a pain and is it really necessary?

all this pain for just finding out whether the car you are about to drive is registered or not.

Oh and to bad if you don’t have Internet access.

A Quick check method that will at least tell you the car is registered.

However there is a simply work around as stupid as it seems. Instead of checking the rego is paid, just go to the link that takes payment for the rego. in other words pretend to want to pay for the rego.

Enter the rego number and it will straight away tell you if the vehicle is registered see image below

A quick check if rego is paid by offering to pay it.  It won't allow you if it is already paid up.
A quick check if rego is paid by offering to pay it. It won’t allow you if it is already paid up.

and then the results of checking

The result of offering to pay for a paid up rego. It won't let you and returns you to the previous page.
The result of offering to pay for a paid up rego. It won’t let you

Pre-Diabetes What is it?

Pre Diabetic
I found an interesting article that I have placed a link to here.

Pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be prevented by making lifestyle changes, including:Management of pre-diabetes

  • Weight loss helps the insulin your body makes to work better and lower your blood glucose levels.
  • Physical activity it is important to do regular moderate physical activity to help manage your weight, and reduce your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Exercise also makes your insulin work better.
  • A healthy diet this involves less fat, especially saturated fats, and more fruit, vegetables and high-fibre wholegrain foods.
  • Stopping smoking smoking causes insulin resistance and increases the risk of blood vessel disease.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol control these should be kept under control and checked regularly.

In most cases, if enough lifestyle changes are made, type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

This link is to an Australian, Victoria government web site

Diabetes – pre-diabetes – Better Health Channel

Pre-diabetes is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes has no symptoms, but there is a range of risk factors, including obesity, smoking, heart disease, polycystic ovary syndrome and high blood pressure. Pre-diabetes is diagnosed using tests for blood glucose levels. Without treatment, about one in three people with pre-diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes.

Table source

Time of Check Goal plasma blood glucose ranges
for people without diabetes mmol/l
Goal plasma blood glucose ranges
for people with diabetes mmol/l
Before breakfast (fasting) < 5.54

3.88 – 7.21

Before lunch, supper and snack < 6.10

3.88 – 7.21

Two hours after meals

< 7.76

< 9.98


< 6.65

4.99- 8.32

mg/dl => mmol/l mmol/l => mg/dl
40 ~ 2.2 2.0 ~ 36
45 ~ 2.5 2.5 ~ 45
50 ~ 2.8 3.0 ~ 54
55 ~ 3.1 3.5 ~ 63
60 ~ 3.3 4.0 ~ 72
65 ~ 3.6 4.5 ~ 81
70 ~ 3.9 5.0 ~ 90
75 ~ 4.2 5.5 ~ 99
80 ~ 4.4 6.0 ~ 108
85 ~ 4.7 6.5 ~ 117
90 ~ 5.0 7.0 ~ 126
95 ~ 5.3 7.5 ~ 135
100 ~ 5.6 8.0 ~ 144
110 ~ 6.2 8.5 ~ 153
120 ~ 6.7 9.0 ~ 162
130 ~ 7.2 9.5 ~ 171
140 ~ 7.8 10.0 ~ 180
150 ~ 8.3 10.5 ~ 189
160 ~ 8.9 11.0 ~ 198
170 ~ 9.4 11.5 ~ 207
180 ~ 10.0 12.0 ~ 216
190 ~ 10.6 12.5 ~ 225
200 ~ 11.1 13.0 ~ 234
220 ~ 12.2 13.5 ~ 243
240 ~ 13.3 14.0 ~ 252
260 ~ 14.4 14.5 ~ 261
280 ~ 15.5 15.0 ~ 270
300 ~ 16.7 16.0 ~ 288
320 ~ 17.8 17.0 ~ 306
340 ~ 18.9 18.0 ~ 324
360 ~ 20.0 19.0 ~ 342
380 ~ 21.1 20.0 ~ 360
400 ~ 22.2 21.0 ~ 378
420 ~ 23.3 22.0 ~ 396
440 ~ 24.4 23.0 ~ 414
460 ~ 25.5 24.0 ~ 432
Calculate mg/dl x 0.0555 = mmol/l Calculate mmol/l x 18.018 = mg/dl

Say no to puppy farms – Oscar’s Law

Oscar’s Law

Another case of humans acting badly.  I support Oscar’s Law and have post their web page.

Here is the turn out at the October 2014 Awareness Rally

Puppy Farm Awareness Rally, October 2014 on the steps of Spring St Melbourne Australia
Puppy Farm Awareness Rally, October 2014 on the steps of Spring St Melbourne Australia

, again asking the government to introduce a law to prevent the way puppies are farmed and then sold to Pet shops without a conscience.

Animals Matter to me.
Animals Matter to me.

Break the puppy trade. Don't buy from pet stores

Oscar’s Law Rally

October 4th Parliament House Melbourne Midday
Register your attendance 
We encourage everyone to make and bring along their own banners, or you can download one of ours
Banner One
Banner Two
Banner Three
If animals matter to you then lets ensure that politicians and 
candidates hear loud and clear that we want animals on the political agenda. The power to end cruelty on puppy factories is in the hands of Victorian voters.


Once again we appreciate the incredible support of the amazing Derryn Hinch who will MC the rally