Samsung Galaxy SIII Batteries Fake Pt:2

This article relates the problem of trying to find a real Samsung S3 battery that also has the NFC antenna in it unlike many clones that don’t.

Lui has done the hard work here.  He also has written it in a manner I would have.

This is one of two articles I have added in part.  To read the full article please visit the authors site using the link below.

The following is from the Author Lui Gough

Genuinely REAL: Samsung Galaxy SIII Batteries (EB-L1G6LLU) | Gough’s Tech Zone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Batteries (EB-L1G6LLU)

If you’ve been following along, you probably already know my frustration (and adventure) in trying to get a genuine replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy SIII. Instead of merely letting the sellers “get off”, or pocketing a partially functioning battery, I decided to tear down and document the batteries.

Contacting Samsung

I’ve had several suggestions from friends to buy it from Samsung or contact Samsung directly. The problem was, that Samsung didn’t sell the battery for the SIII on their website. The closest we got was a charger cradle with a battery which came up with zero stores where it could be purchased. Thanks Samsung.

I decided to e-mail them via their technical support:

Dear Samsung,

and then


Another One is On The Way!

It seems fourth time is the charm. This time, I decided to go away from all of eBay entirely, and instead spent more at Kogan. When you factor in the shipping, the price is similar to that charged by Samsung (AU$42.98 with postage and freight insurance). If it wasn’t genuine, I was going to spew. This is what I got.

DSC_9134 DSC_9135

DSC_9136With the battery inside another bag, doesn’t really inspire confidence. The rear of the bag had a barcode with HC140111357 and a handwritten I9300 model number.

But a closer look at the markings show they match the genuine battery I already have. The the place of manufacture and assembly matches. The datamatrix barcode encodesGH43-03699A+EB-L1G6LLU+C5ATX12705 in a very similar way to my original encoded GH43-03699A+EB-L1G6LLU+C6NTX04261.

ORIGINAL                                          KOGAN SUPPLIED

Genuine SIII battery Top           DSC_9137Genuine SIII battery Bottom           DSC_9138

Best of all, the NFC antenna was felt under the battery label and functions correctly,however, the battery label itself is a bit smoother and shinier than my original and the Original Accessories hologram sticker is “stuck on top”. There’s also some residual adhesive.

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