Koala survives 100kph grill ride!

I found this article today and just had to post it.

It seems a Koala was hit by a car most likely travelling at 100kph and hung on for dear life for 80 kilometres before the car pulled in to refuel.

Amazing story.


Timber Wolf the koala survives 80km trip from Maryborough to Gympie by clinging to grille of Commodore

Timber Wolf was given a clean bill of health at Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital.

A KOALA with an iron grip miraculously clung to a car grille for 80km on the Bruce Highway early Friday and survived almost unscathed.

Timber Wolf, an adult male, had only a few scratches on his nose and a missing toenail after the 100km/h wild ride.

It’s believed he was hit by a Commodore just south of Maryborough and then hung on to the front of the car until it stopped to refuel in Gympie at about 2am.

Gympie vet Dr Geoff Collyer, who was the first to treat the koala, said the driver had been aware of hitting something but wasn’t sure what and had kept driving. When the car stopped about an hour later, he jumped off and tried to run away.

Dr Collyer said the four-year-old koala’s survival was nothing short of “incredible”.

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“When I picked it up, it was struggling to get away so I could see its arms and legs weren’t broken,” he said.

“I gave it some painkillers, which also acted as sedation. It’s amazing that he didn’t have many injuries. It almost sounds like an urban myth.”

Timber Wolf was eventually taken to Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital on the Sunshine Coast where he was yesterday issued a clean bill of health – except for a chlamydia diagnosis.

Zoo vet Dr Amber Gillett said a thorough examination had confirmed he had suffered only a lost a claw and a few minor abrasions on the nose.

She said the biggest problem would be trying to determine his home range.

“We’ll have to track back exactly where he came from so we’d like to talk to anyone who might be able to help,” she said